Face Powder

Face Powder 

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Candy Doll Mineral Powder 10gr

Candy Doll Mineral Powder is blended with particles of different size to uniformly cover pores. Since it hardly causes unevenness after being applied to the skin, the coming off of make-up is not likely to happen. It keeps make-up fresh for a long time. It is also very good for touch-ups.

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SkinFood Peach Sake Silky...

Bedak yang memberikan hasil yang halus, dengan micro silica powder yang lembut pada wajah

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SkinFood Buckwheat Soft...

This loose powder with its soft, fine particles offers a bloomingly radiant, flawless finish. Buckwheat oil creates incredibly transparent, shine-free skin tone, with silky-smooth texture.

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3W Clinnic Powder (Choose...

Palgantong 3W Clinic Professional Loose Powder banyak di gunakan oleh professional make up artist di Korea.  

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Innisfree No Sebum Mineral...

It is a  sebum powder  essence that absorbs dead skin cells and  sebum  with vegetable powder  from natural origin.

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PONY EFFECT Mattifying Blur...

This loose powder from Pony Effect mattifies oily zones by using Daffodil, Cotton Flower, and Aloe Vera extracts to balance skin's oil and water levels. It also soaks up excess oil to keep skin velvetty matte. Plus, the translucent powder stars a subtle hint of yellow that illuminates dull complexion and helps set makeup with a silky finish.

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