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The Face Shop Herb 365 Cleansing Foam 170ml (Choose Color)


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LEMON A mild, natural cleanser with a fresh feeling, which contains nine herbs and lemon extracts rich in organic acid including fruit acid. (for oily skin case)

ACEROLA 100% natural ingredient and suitable for all skin types. It consist of acerola extract and other botanical extract which is mild and gentle to skin.

PEACH Another great addition to The Face Shop's Herb Dat 365 Cleansing Foams, the Peach Cleansing Foam penetrates deep into the skin accessing all your pores to remove impurities and buildup that can lead to clogged pores and blackheads. Derived from sweet peaches and several other skin nourishing herbal extracts.

ALOE A mild, natural cleanser, which contains nine herbs and fresh aloe ingredients , providing moisture after cleansing

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